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Watley Seed Co. sells triticale, wheat, oats, and we will find barley and rye for you on request.


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Walken Oats

Walken is a Fall planted forage oat variety from Kentucky. It should be planted after the Fall Equinox to minimize winterkill. Walken does not produce much Fall or Winter grazing, but when it starts growing in April, it grows tall and lush to produce a good tonnage of hay or silage.

Monida Oats

Monida is a Spring planted forage oat that produces as much or more forage than other oats. In the Southern Great Plains, Spring oats are inconsistent producers, possibly due to our low humidity, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Do not plant feed oats.

Watley Seed is actively researching new oats that may be better suited for our area.