Slicktrit Uses


Stock farmers can increase their grazing profits significantly by planting SlickTrit II, which can be planted earlier than wheat, and grazed three weeks longer.

SlickTrit II can produce 30% more beef per acre than wheat. It does not have the insect and disease problems of wheat. Many growers are planting one-third of their small grain acres to triticale, and 2/3rds to wheat. They graze the triticale first, switch to wheat for the Winter, and move back to the triticale when the wheat reaches the hollow stem.


This allows for a wheat grain crop and gives you flexibility with your grazing program. It also allows you to grow a hay crop without tying up any acres during the Summer.

Several varieties of triticale are able to be blended with Slick Trit II for graze-out situations, the blends allow for more consistent growth throughout the growing season.

Feed Lots

SlickTrit II Triticale is the best-receiving hay or silage that a feedlot can buy. It is highly palatable and easily digested.

It is best used in a growing ration, or in the first 60 days on feed. If you background calves on wheat, triticale can produce 30% more beef per acre than wheat.


Already about 70% of the dairies on the Southern Great Plains are using Triticale in their dairy operation. Slick Trit II is a profitable companion to corn silage. In a documented study by Ron Kershen, Slick Trit II produced 62% of the yield of corn for 42% of the cost of corn. Triticale produces approximately the same amount of milk per ton as corn silage, and is easier to digest, helping herd health. It takes less water to grow than corn.

Triticale lends itself to the dairies’ needs for protein, as it can be harvested at the flag-leaf stage at 18-20% protein, all the way to the soft-dough stage at 10-11% protein. The best compromise of quantity and quality is to harvest at the heavy boot stage. In the Southern Great Plains, irrigated SlickTrit II averages about 16 tons per acre.

For More Milk, Plant SlickTrit II.

If growing more milk per acre fits your management goals then turn to Watley Seed Company’s SlickTrit II ™. This almost beardless triticale lends itself to earlier planting, longer grazing in the spring, higher silage yield, and superior tolerance to drought and pests. Consult Watley Seed Company for specific recommendations for growing conditions and objectives. Watley Seed is your best source for quality seed and service.

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